Nearly 70 Pupils Take To The Stage At Festival Of Song

Nearly 70 Pupils Take To The Stage At Festival Of Song
Senior Music

In the final week before the half term break, the Music department held their Festival of Song 2019.

Across the week, singers from all year groups and across all styles of music, performed in four recitals in the Chapel, and the programme of lunchtime and teatime concerts put on for their fellow students, staff and parents was as diverse and as interesting as ever.

All of the pupils mastered their nerves and delivered excellent performances.

With folk songs, Italian, French and German arias, Music Theatre numbers, Jazz Standards, and some of the latest and greatest Pop hits, there was something for everyone to enjoy across the week.

Those students who participated in the festival were also invited to two workshops in the Chapel, where the School welcomed Alison Ling who teaches voice at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

This was a fantastic opportunity for all the singers to explore technique, correct breathing, jaw and tongue placements, posture, and conveying emotion, before embarking on learning a folk song, where the pupils were encouraged to explore the text to truly convey the meaning of the words when singing.

Alison’s valuable and expert coaching was a real highlight of the week and served as a reminder for us all about the importance of practise, solid technique, and healthy singing.

Across the week, the Festival of Song saw nearly 70 individual performers contributing to the concerts, which is an incredible feat and shows the level of vocal talent at Kingswood.

Mr Knights’ and Mr Barton’s accompaniments allowed each performer to shine, and huge thanks should go to all those who came to watch and support the concerts, as well as the singing teachers who work tirelessly in lessons.

Finally, every single person who took part and sang throughout the festival should be justly proud of themselves for their achievement and contribution to such a wonderful event.

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Nearly 70 Pupils Take To The Stage At Festival Of Song