Known for its engaging family feel, our Pre-Prep (Reception & Years 1-2) curriculum helps children flourish by providing a supportive and exciting environment in which enthusiastic, imaginative teachers are passionate in the development of children at KPS. 

The Pre-Prep Curriculum

The curriculum is carefully planned and delivered to ensure continuity and progression from the Early Years Foundation Stage to Prep in Year 3. As well as teaching the core subjects of Maths and English, we offer termly ‘Creative Curriculum’ topics. These are designed to inspire and engage the children by making them active participants in their own learning. 

Each day, we encourage children to try new things, both inside and outside the classroom. Our subject specialists, who are all experts in their field, teach Music, French, Information and Computer Technology (ICT) and Sport. We organise frequent trips, workshops and visitors linked to our topics in order to stimulate the children’s imaginations and enhance their exploration of learning about the world around them. 

Timetable Example

Family and School Partnership

We greatly value our relationship with our children’s parents and guardians. We have an open-door policy and encourage communications between home and school, with numerous opportunities throughout the year for parents to be involved in, and informed about their child’s learning and well-being. In addition to the more formal parents’ evenings, we also encourage parent attendance at annual Christmas productions, music concerts, Sports Day, and Languages Day. We also provide ‘I’m Proud of my Work’ days each term, on which your child/ren have the opportunity to show you their work.