Meet Our Headmaster

"Kingswood Prep School (KPS) is situated on a magnificent 100-acre site in Lansdown, Bath, a short distance from Kingswood Senior School.

It very much embodies a countryside atmosphere, with open fields and plenty of space for the children to explore. However, it is only a short walk from the stunning city centre and all the amenities on offer. A family-friendly day and boarding school, Kingswood balances academic rigour and real objectives for all pupils with the outstanding pastoral care for which Kingswood is known. Many parents comment on the School’s kind and nurturing environment, the absence of pretension and how happy their children are to attend.

Kingswood Prep School is firmly based on Christian principles, and we believe in John Wesley’s vision for community and education at the heart of all we do. We aim to foster positive attitudes and a ‘can-do’ mindset by encouraging children to explore a balanced and holistic curriculum. Our excellent staff want all of our pupils to feel good about their learning and to be confident about who they are. Believing in yourself while still being kind to others is a key ingredient of a KPS education.

Please do come and see Kingswood Prep School for yourselves – it truly offers a wonderful education for young people. I am sure you will be able to feel the energy and vibrancy as soon as you walk through the door.

I really can’t wait to meet you and your family – please do get in touch."

Mark Brearey
Headmaster of Kingswood Prep School

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Kingswood Prep School has a distinctive ethos based on offering maximum flexibility for busy parents. Wrap Around Care is included in the fee structure, and more than 80 clubs and activities are held every week, whether at lunchtime or after school. As a family school, we understand the pressures that parents are under and ensure that all the children at KPS can arrive early for breakfast, stay late for supper and even stay into the evening to complete their homework if that is what suits their parents’ work commitments.  

Our boarding, which can be full, weekly or flexi, provides young boarders with an opportunity to take their first steps away from the direct care of Mum and Dad. Our caring team of skilled House Parents and Assistant House Parents are totally focused on meeting the emotional needs of the young people in their care and are extremely attentive to the fact that this will be many children’s first experience away from home.

Beyond the realm of teaching and learning, all pursuits have equal billing, and our reputation for sport and the creative arts is second to none.

Students at Kingswood Prep School have many opportunities to make music together, including choirs, musical theatre groups, an orchestra and musical ensembles every week. A staggering 250 children at the School play musical instruments. We also encourage our children to perform in gala concerts, informal concerts and major productions throughout the academic year. From the performance of Macbeth by Year 6, to our Poetry Out Loud competition, to Pom Pom Club performances, to our gospel choir, our children are offered many unique experiences that extend beyond the bounds of a typical school day.

Art, Design, Robotics, Programming, Technology and Engineering are all also extremely vibrant areas of interest at Kingswood Prep School.  

We also believe in the positive impact of participation in, and enjoyment of, sport. A comprehensive fixture list that involves the whole group where possible is a main feature of our inclusive sports programme. We are currently National Hockey Champions for U11 boys and girls. At Kingswood, pupils participate in a variety of sports, including rugby, netball, orienteering, fencing, archery and triathlon.

Kingswood Prep School is located on stunning acreage, and we make use of all our facilities, inside and out. You will see wellington boots outside all of our classrooms and an abundance of outdoor play. There are no indoor breaks at KPS, as we encourage our children to run around in the fresh air and avail of our adventure play areas, which include a zip wire, a tree platform and climbing equipment.

We want our children to come bouncing into school because they love it, for them to enjoy learning about a variety of subjects and, perhaps in the fullness of time, to develop an appreciation of just how fortunate they are. Every child has a gift, and we aim to foster these capabilities at KPS while developing and supporting the traits that already make them special – especially their teamwork, dedication, resilience and passion.

As the old adage says, you are only young once. Here at KPS, we want to provide the best all-round experience that we can for your children, both inside and outside the classroom.

Mark Brearey
Headmaster of Kingswood Prep School