Senior and Sixth Form Admissions Process

Senior and Sixth Form Admissions Process

Entry Requirements

All pupils entering Years 7 and 8 and overseas candidates for Years 9 and 10 take age-specific papers in English, Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning. UK candidates for Years 9 and 10 also take science and a foreign language (French, German, Latin or Spanish).

Sample entry papers for entrance into Year 7 are available for English and for Maths. We do not supply sample papers for other year groups, but all papers are based on normal national curriculum requirements.

UK candidates looking to enter Kingswood Sixth Form will be invited to interview at Kingswood School in early November. Offers will be extended based on the interview, predicted GCSE results and current school reports. International students looking to enter Kingswood Sixth Form will take entrance papers in the three subjects they would like to study for A-Level, and an appropriate English language paper if their first language is not English.

For UK candidates, entrance exams are generally taken at Kingswood or at the prospective pupil’s current school. For overseas candidates, assessment papers can only be taken under the supervision of a Kingswood agent or at the offices of the British Council. All such arrangements must be agreed upon by the Head of Admissions, Diane Patterson.

Our Admissions Secretary, Angela Snelling, can be contacted on +44 1225 734210 or by email

Entrance Assessments - September 2020 entry

Scholarships and Bursaries


A wide range of scholarships is available each year for entry to Years 7, 9 and 12. The awards are made in recognition of excellence in academic ability, Art, Drama, Music, Sport, and Design and Technology. A John Wesley Scholarship to recognise potential in all-round contribution to school life is also available for boarding students. You can download a copy of our 2018 Scholarships and Bursaries information below.

Scholarships for Year 12 are normally granted in November, Year 7 scholarships in December and Year 9 scholarships in February of the school year preceding entry.


In keeping with the Christian ethos and traditions of the School, the Headmaster and Governors seek to provide financial assistance to families where it is felt that a particular child would benefit from the type of education Kingswood provides and where there is a proven genuine need. All bursary applications are means-tested for eligibility and assessed by the Bursar and Headmaster. You can download a copy of our 2018 scholarships and bursaries information above.

Bursaries are not available for children attending Kingswood Preparatory School unless there are very exceptional circumstances. Parents who wish to be considered for bursarial support should complete the financial statement form, which can be requested by contacting the Bursar.

The completed form should be submitted, together with any relevant supporting information, for assessment by the Bursar, who will receive it in confidence. As no awards can be made after an offer is made, we encourage families who feel they may be eligible for bursarial support to discuss the matter with the Head of Admissions well in advance of making a formal application for entry and before any assessment papers are taken.

Scholarships and Bursaries - September 2020 Entry


It is the policy of the Governors to review the fees annually and to minimise fee increases. Parents are normally advised of fee increases prior to the beginning of the Summer term. The annual fee is payable in three equal instalments and is due by the first day of each term.

Fees 2019/20


Following a visit to the school, the next stage in the admissions process is to register your child for entry. Please fill out the Registration Form and pay the £100 registration fee via our Online Payments page. Following registration, pupils will take their entrance exams. 

Dates for registration slightly alter each year but as a guide are as follows:

  • Year 7 – November preceding the year of entry
  • Year 9 – January preceding the year of entry
  • Sixth Form – October preceding the year of entry

However, we do process applications all year round so please get in touch at any time.

Offer and Acceptance

All entry papers are marked by Heads of Department and all offers are made by the Headmaster. To secure a place, candidates should complete an acceptance form and pay an online acceptance deposit.

An acceptance deposit of £300.00 for all UK students is payable in order to secure a place that has been offered. An acceptance deposit of £1,000.00 together with a payment of £11,000.00 (which equates to approximately the first term's boarding fees) is payable to secure the place that has been offered to an international student.

The acceptance deposit will be retained until the pupil leaves the School, in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Kingswood Admissions Policy

For more information on Kingswood's Admissions Policy, click on the link below.

Kingswood Foundation Admissions Policy