Chemistry (GCSE and A-Level Only)

"Chemistry is the bridge between the perceived world of substances and the imagined world of atoms."
Peter Atkins

The study of Chemistry is a fascinating journey from the concrete to the sublimely abstract. Through a combination of experimental investigation and theoretical models, we seek to illustrate and understand the wonders and complexities of the material world.


Kingswood pupils start the Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry course in Year 9, completing the course by taking the examinations at the end of Year 11. The IGCSE Chemistry course begins with the fundamental concepts of particle theory and atomic structure, progressing to chemical bonding and properties, and later moving on to topics including chemical analysis, quantitative chemistry and synthetic chemistry. Throughout the course, a consideration of the chemical industry and the costs and benefits of our exploitation of natural resources provides the context for learning.

Kingswood has three well-equipped Chemistry laboratories, which enable us to incorporate practical investigation into our stimulating explorations.


Chemistry is a very popular A-Level at Kingswood with both Year 12 and 13 obtaining three sets each. Our students study the OCR course. They develop and define theoretical models and explore new aspects of Chemistry, including the shapes of molecules, isomerism, entropy, the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and advanced analytical techniques. Practical work is central to the A-Level course, and students are required to demonstrate their practical skills during assessed tasks.

Our A-Level students visit the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, where they carry out advanced practical procedures and analytical methods. We also venture beyond the A-Level specification with a programme of enrichment sessions, and we encourage our students to enter the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge and International Chemistry Olympiad.