Welcome to Boarding



As Head of Boarding at Kingswood School, I can say without a doubt that Kingswood is a home from home for our boarders. I have lived on site for 15 years, with my wife, and my children, who have grown up here and I feel immensely blessed to be part of the school experience for so many of our students. ​

Our boarders join us in Years 7 to 13 and come from all over the world, although the majority are full boarders and from the UK. The fantastic mix of different backgrounds makes the Kingswood boarding experience here so special, and an ideal preparation for life outside of school. The support of our dedicated staff, whether teachers or residential house parents, helps our pupils to ignite their potential as they are always on hand to offer assistance, guidance and encouragement, or even just a listening ear. ​

Kingswood is a kind and inclusive school, where children are known and nurtured as individuals, while benefiting from the array of activities, subjects and experiences that a British boarding school can offer. Our pupils are encouraged to work hard, but also to enjoy a balanced life style, with the opportunity to discover and develop new passions. As pupils grow older, they are encouraged to develop their own independence, taking responsibility for their studies and making informed decisions and choices for themselves, all within the foundation of the boarding house. ​

The decision to send your child away to boarding school is one to be carefully considered. I truly believe that Kingswood provides a safe, nurturing but exciting experience for all our pupils day or boarding. Kingswood offers a range of boarding options to suit the needs of today’s busy families, including full, weekly, flexible or occasional boarding. We would be delighted to welcome you for a tour to find out more, or to arrange a virtual meeting with me to discuss why Kingswood could be right for your child.

                                                                                      Darrell Harding

Head of Boarding