Every day, the Catering Department at Kingswood serves over 1500 meals to more than 1200 day pupils, boarders and staff. The Team is led by Executive Chef Adrian Fairlie and Head Chef Tami Fairlie, also his wife. The team of 12 experienced chefs and 50 kitchen staff ensure that all members of the Kingswood community enjoy varied, nutritious and healthy food.

The Catering Department offers our pupils and staff a comprehensive range of vegetarian and vegan options. Reflecting on wider meat-free eating, Adrian and Tami said:

"We have noticed how times are changing, with more people choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet and the increase in plant-based foods in schools has risen considerably. Our kitchen produces wholesome, quality meat-free recipes that the students have found appetising whether or not they are actually vegetarian or vegan. Many simply enjoy the veggie options on offer or are aware of the impact on our planet and are making healthier choices."

Care and consideration are also given to the school’s carbon footprint as a result of the external sourcing of produce. Kingswood prioritises local suppliers, seasonal produce and products with low air miles in order to reduce its environmental impact. The Catering Department are steadily reducing their use of products containing palm oil and continuously reducing their use of plastic.

Local Suppliers

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact the Catering department.