Friends of Kingswood

Friends of Kingswood

Friends of Kingswood is a parents’ group that arranges regular events for parents to socialise and raises funds to provide additional items for the benefit of the pupils. Friends of Kingswood social functions include balls, quiz evenings and drinks parties as well as regular half-termly open evenings to discuss ideas and plans. Everyone is warmly invited to attend all of these events, whether as an active participant or simply to meet other parents and learn more.

The Friends also support the School by manning the Theatre Bar and running the Kingswood Second Hand Uniform Shop. Information on events and diary dates is published in the weekly School newsletter and can be found on our dedicated site/contact system

Revenue is generated through a small annual subscription and any modest profits from events. These funds are used to purchase specialist items and extras such as landscaping, new sports equipment and furnishings for common rooms. All ideas for the use of funds from pupil and teachers are submitted to the Friends Committee for discussion.

We are pleased to introduce a new GDPR compliant system for the Friends of Kingswood. This secure and easy system will give you many great features:

  • Check diary dates
  • Buy events tickets online
  • Read news about our activities
  • Send secure emails to classes/year groups
  • Have full control over your personal contact details
  • Contact class lists so you can arrange lift shares, social events and more with other parents
  • Find your class rep who will keep you in touch with news and events
  • And much more!

Our existing system of class contact lists will be phased out so please register on the new site using the link below to access all these features and be able to contact other parents in your year group.

The Friends of Kingswood work to enhance the pupils experience at the School and bring the wider community together. Contact us via if you have any questions or problems accessing the site.

Friends of Kingswood Contact System

Friends of Kingswood Policy Change from September 2019

The Team

The Friends of Kingswood organisation includes specific roles such as Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer and Year Representatives. We welcome anyone who is interested in helping. Please get in touch via the contact page.

Year Group Representatives

Separate from the Friends, each year group has class representatives who arrange social events throughout the year, such as coffee mornings or social evenings, to enable year group parents to meet.

Aims of a Year Rep include:

  • To act as a known point of contact for new parents prior to their children starting at the School
  • To help with the social cohesion of the Year by organising and co-ordinating parental events
  • To provide parents with information on all the Friends' social, School events and fundraising efforts
  • To pass parents’ views onto the Friends and the School as necessary


The Friends coordinate volunteers to run the bar in the Theatre or Pavilion for School events such as GCSE/A Level drama assessments, concerts, quiz nights and social events. This both provides a welcome refreshments service and raises funds, which the Friends reinvest in the students.

As parents move on from the School each year, there are opportunities for new volunteers to join the bar rota. If you would like to put your name forward, please contact us and the Friends will contact you shortly to note your availability each term.

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Second Hand Uniform Shop

Senior School Second Hand Uniform Shop Information

Opening Times

29 August10am - 12pm5 February4.30pm - 6pm
4 September4.30pm - 6pm26 February4.30pm - 6pm
18 September4.30pm - 6pm10 March4.30pm - 6pm
2 October4.30pm - 6pm24 March4.30pm - 6pm
16 October4.30pm - 6pm22 April4.30pm - 6pm
6 November4.30pm - 6pm6 May4.30pm - 6pm
20 November4.30pm - 6pm20 May4.30pm - 6pm
4 December4.30pm - 6pm10 June4.30pm - 6pm
8 January4.30pm - 6pm24 June4.30pm - 6pm
22 January4.30pm - 6pm  

Privacy Notice

Please find the Friends of Kingswood's Privacy Notice below.

Friends of Kingswood Privacy Notice