Science (KS3 Only)

Key Stage 3

At Kingswood, pupils follow a course based on the AQA Key Stage 3 Syllabus that develops the ten Big Ideas. The aim of this course is to allow the pupils to understand how they can apply their current knowledge to new or unfamiliar concepts. This spiral approach to the material allows these ideas to be revisited at a higher level each year so that learning is reviewed, consolidated and mastered throughout the course.

In Years 7 and 8 Science is taught in mixed-ability classes. Pupils are taught by the same teacher for each year of the course. At the end of Year 8 internal test results, together with the end of year examination result, are used to place pupils in ability sets for Year 9.

Pupils will cover topics that develop the Big Ideas throughout Years 7 and 8. The teaching is arranged to allow for an even spread of Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics throughout each year.

There are opportunities to engage with science outside of the classroom, including a trip to Aerospace Bristol in Year 8.

Science investigative skills are developed during the course, with the pupils given opportunities to enquire, analyse, problem-solve, collaborate and communicate effectively. These skills are developed through plenty of practical work, giving pupils the opportunity to become familiar with a range of laboratory equipment and experimental skills as well as planning investigations for themselves. Pupils will also learn how to carry out effective research, how to interpret data and how to explain their ideas clearly and concisely. The skills acquired at Key Stage 3 will provide a secure foundation for the IGCSE Science courses.

In Year 9, pupils start the Edexcel IGCSE courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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