History at Kingswood is taught by a department of engaging, enthusiastic, and experienced subject specialists whose passion is to pass on their love of History to their students.


Key Stage 3 students are treated to three 55-minute periods a fortnight with a focus primarily on British history in Year 7 (Norman Conquest, Life in Medieval England, Challenges to the Monarchy, the English Reformation and the Tudors) before learning about European exploration and engagement with other cultures, the development of the British Constitution, and Industrial Britain’s relationship with the trafficking of human beings into slavery, in Year 8. Year 9 sees a focus on 20th century world history with depth studies on the First and Second World Wars and the Holocaust. Throughout Year 7, 8, and 9 the focus is on engagement and enjoyment. In these years we hope to create in our students a passion for the past and the ability to articulate their views on these complex issues both verbally, and in writing.


At GCSE, our students study International Relations in the 20th century and undertake a depth study on Nazi Germany. These topics are supported with a Year 10 trip to Berlin to visit one of the crucibles of Nazism and the Cold War clash of ideologies and superpower rivalry. Following the trip, students engage in a one-thousand-year study of the impact of migration on Britain in Year 11. A depth study focusing on Britain’s early forays into empire building is also a part of this modern, engaging, and internationally minded GCSE course.


In the Sixth Form, Kingswood historians are provided with a varied diet of periods of study. At A Level, Kingswood historians study the Wars of the Roses, the American Revolution, and 19th and 20th century Russia – as well as engaging in their own independent investigation. This independent investigation can be on any topic, or time period, and is excellent grounding for the many students who choose to continue with the subject at undergraduate level. Many A-Level historians also study Politics in the Sixth Form and to help underpin this link the Department is excitedly planning a joint History and Politics A-Level trip to Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia in October 2022.