Trips and Visits

At Kingswood Prep School, we believe in a holistic approach to education. We endeavour to expand children's perception of, and appreciation for, the world around them. We believe that the most effective learning occurs in a multi-sensory context, through doing, seeing and listening. Wherever possible, we look to create hands-on experiences that enable children to interact with the topics they are studying.

During each term, from Nursery onwards, our curriculum is enriched by visitors and visits, whether it be a trip to a farm, a visit to the SS Great Britain, or a day at a chocolate factory.

Residential one-night trips start in Year 3; for some children, this may be the first time away from their families. By the time the children reach Year 6 at Kingswood Prep School, they are more than ready to go away for a week’s adventure.

The opportunity to be away from home with their friends and develop some independence while still learning in a fun and exciting way contributes significantly to the children’s growth and personal development.