Psychology (A-Level Only)


Psychology is the study of how people behave and how their minds work. It is a popular A-Level choice, and we follow the Edexcel specification, which is extremely wide-ranging. Students gain an overview through focusing on the five main approaches to Psychology: social, cognitive, psychodynamic, biological and learning theories. Examination results are consistently excellent and many students go on to study Psychology at university.

The approaches form a foundation from which we consider wide-ranging applications such as the causes of and treatments for drug addiction and mental disorders such as schizophrenia, autism and anorexia. Students apply psychological theory to the real world in terms of considering how individuals develop from before birth to adolescence and beyond, and we examine the extent to which childhood experiences affect later development.

We also consider contemporary issues, such as the role of nature and nurture and culture in determining an individual’s behaviour and the extent to which Psychology can be used as a form of social control. Students will discuss how both biological and environmental factors affect the development of psychological characteristics. The use of case studies and practical work allows students to investigate the fascinating and complex nature of human beings.

We use psychological theory as part of a formal, objective attempt to understand and explain behaviours. The course will therefore be of interest to students who wish to learn more about themselves, as well as those who seek any future career that involves working with others.