Academic Welcome

At Kingswood we believe very strongly that studying a liberal arts curriculum is still the best way to prepare young people for the modern world.


"We seek to hold in tension the traditional and the contemporary. We believe that ‘traditional’ subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, History and Latin should continue to form the backbone of a strong modern education.

In addition, we seek to embrace contemporary changes in the curriculum, which is why you will also find subjects such as Computing, Psychology and Economics on offer. You will also find a strong emphasis on learning languages at Kingswood. We believe that language learning is excellent for the mind, as well as for developing our pupils’ sense of their place in a big world.

We are continually seeking to refine our curricula, to ensure that we teach the best concepts at the best times so that we can help our pupils acquire a deep body of knowledge that will serve them for years to come."

John Davies

Deputy Head, Academic