Physics (GCSE and A-Level Only)

Niels Bohr said ‘Physics is the belief that a simple and consistent description of nature is possible’.

Physicists try to explain how the whole universe works, from the scale of tiny particles to the vastest of galaxies in space. It is the basis of all other sciences. Physics is always developing, with recent discoveries such a gravitational waves opening up a whole new way of seeing the universe and ideas such as quantum computing offering huge potential for the future. Knowledge of Physics is vital for communications, medicine, the use of energy resources and just about every subject in the modern world. At Kingswood, Physics is taught by specialist enthusiastic staff in well-equipped laboratories. We feel that practical experience is vital for learning at all levels and experimental work is undertaken by students on a regular basis.


In Years 9 to 11, Physics is studied as its own separate science subject, and pupils follow the Edexcel IGCSE course. We always aim to show how Physics is relevant in real-life situations. Our results for the last few years have compared very favourably with national averages, with most students achieving high grades.


Physics is a popular choice at A-Level. Sixth Formers study the AQA Physics A-Level specification. They cover modern and still-developing topics, such as particle physics, and also gain a thorough grounding in more traditional areas like electricity and magnetism. Many of our students go on to study Physics or related subjects at university.