Middle School - Years 9-11

The Middle School at Kingswood begins in Year 9 and finishes in Year 11. Pupils leave Westwood at the end of Year 8 and join the Senior Houses, in which they will spend the rest of their Kingswood careers.

Pupils are assigned their Senior House with great care, ensuring that pupils experience both the comfort of close friendships and the challenge of integrating into a new House community. Pupils at Kingswood soon develop great affinity with their House and often become deeply loyal to their own House family. Each pupil is assigned a specialist Middle School tutor who will take them through to the end of Year 11.

Academically, pupils' time at the Middle School is a period of great change. Beginning in Year 9, pupils exercise more choice over their curriculum, narrowing their options as they approach GCSE study. By the time they join Year 10, pupils will have chosen their GCSE options and will begin two years’ worth of study towards nine or ten GCSE qualifications.

Beginning at the Middle School is a crucial time in any pupil’s Kingswood journey. Pupils tend to make huge progress both academically and personally during these years and so Senior House Staff give particularly close attention to Middle School pupils during this busy time of their lives.