Links for Parents

An excellent education is often the result of an effective partnership between schools and parents. At Kingswood, we strive to partner with our parents in educating their children. To this end, we communicate with parents through a number of formal correspondences:

  • Regular interim reports that give parents a snapshot of their child’s current attitude and achievement.
  • More formal written reports that provide a more detailed account of how their child is doing.
  • At least one parents’ meeting a year, in which parents are able to meet with teachers to discuss their child’s progress. Overseas parents who cannot attend parents’ meetings receive written notes instead.

Alongside these provisions, we invite parents to a number of events throughout the year in order to explain upcoming academic choices, such as in Year 9 for GCSEs and Year 11 for Sixth Form.

More informally, parents are able to email their child’s personal tutor or house parent if they have a particular query or concern. We like to respond within 24 hours during term time, even if this response is just to say that we are looking into it. The tutor will then liaise with the relevant staff and respond in the most appropriate way.