HM Forces and Foreign Office Discounts

HM Forces and FCDO Discount​

Kingswood Senior School offers a 10% HM Forces discount off the basic boarding fees for Years 7 and 8 for the sons and daughters of serving members of the HM Forces. From Year 9 onwards the discount rises to 20% off the basic boarding fees.​

​For eligible families, the CEA (Continuity of Education Allowance) can help towards the cost of boarding school.   Families will need to apply for this directly, and Kingswood can not advise on eligibility. ​​

The below table shows example costs for military families for a full boarding place, although circumstances will differ by family and there may be additional scholarships or bursaries available. ​

2023/2024 Example CostsYear 7 & Year 8        Year 9 & Above     
Termly Fee£11,112£13,310
Forces Discount£1, 111£2,662
Net Fee£10,001£10,648
CEA (funded by Government, Aug 21 allowance)£8,692£8,692
Termly Parental Contribution£1,309£1,956