BANES Youth Climate Summit

BANES Youth Climate Summit
Environment Senior

The Kingswood Eco Alliance recently attended the annual BANES Youth Climate Summit, where they joined other schools in the BANES area to discuss pressing environmental issues. The summit featured keynote speeches from experts in the field, including a climate psychiatrist and consultant. The students also participated in collaborative workshops, where they worked together to develop strategies for a more sustainable future.

During the workshops, the students explored ideas on how to tackle climate change, food waste, and biodiversity loss. They then presented the actions they had already taken to address these issues. The event was a real eye-opener for the Kingswood Eco Alliance, sparking new ideas that they hope to incorporate into Kingswood's own sustainability efforts.

This event was a positive step towards Kingswood's sustainability mission and demonstrated the power of collaboration in addressing environmental challenges. The Kingswood Eco Alliance looks forward to continuing their efforts and show how we can all make a difference.

BANES Youth Climate Summit - March 2023

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BANES Youth Climate Summit