Freya's 100km walk for African Promise

Freya's 100km walk for African Promise
Charity Senior

Next week, our Year 7 pupil, Freya, will be walking for two hours to and from school every day for a week to raise money for African Promise. Freya discovered that many children in rural Kenya need to walk over 10 kilometres every day to get to school and find that sometimes there may not be a teacher on that day. African Promise are a charity working to improve the quality of education in primary schools in Kenya and Freya wants to help too!

Freya will have walked for four hours (including a full day of school) before she gets home each evening. This will be a challenge, but we know that Freya will take each step with a smile.

We asked Freya how she feels about next week: “I am really excited. I know the first and last day will be the easiest, it is the days in between that I know will be a struggle. When it gets tough, I will remember who I am walking for.”

Good luck Freya, we will be cheering you on every day! If you would like to find out more about African Promise please follow this link: Sarah Hyslop is fundraising for African Promise (


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Freya's 100km walk for African Promise