Piano, Guitar & Harp Concert

Piano, Guitar & Harp Concert
Senior Music

The Music Department celebrated an evening of virtuosic piano, guitar and harp music in the Kingswood Chapel. As these instrumentalists aren’t typically part of an ensemble setting, it was great to have a concert dedicated to them. It was also wonderful to see some new faces in the line-up and discover more talent amongst the Kingswood community.

We heard a range of musical styles during the course of the evening, from 18th century music by the composer J.S. Bach up to the present-day Italian composer Einaudi on the piano; the evening also included traditional music on the classical guitar, music by the rock band Roxy Music played by an electric guitar group, and a beautiful piece for harp by the Baroque composer Jeremiah Clarke.

 Amongst the solo performances, some of our Year 11 musicians treated us to their piano duets which they will be recording for their GCSE ensemble performance exams very soon. Thank you to all the performers for sharing their musical talents with an appreciative audience and for offering their own interpretations to a wonderful variety of music; we can’t wait to hear what you all perform next!

Piano, Guitar & Harp Concert - March 2023

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Piano, Guitar & Harp Concert