Kingswood’s Musicians And Singers Get Bath Festival Underway!

Kingswood’s Musicians And Singers Get Bath Festival Underway!
Senior Music

On Friday night, Kingswood came out in force again at Green Park Station for the biggest night of the year in Bath.

Kingswood’s headline spot in the annual ‘Party in the City’ was a triumph once again, and in true Kingswood fashion, the pupils did not disappoint, with an electric atmosphere and plenty of great entertainment.

Kingswood Jazz Orchestra (KJO) started the show with a bang with an energetic performance of ‘Rock Around the Clock’.

This set the tone for the rest of their set as their punchy big band sound filled the area and drew people in off the streets.

The players performance with tight precision and really got the party started, with the first intrepid dancers edging their way closer to the stage just in time for the first set of solo singers.

The house pro band provided the perfect pop backing to accompany this year’s brave vocalists, and it was incredible to see the array of talented singers the School has.

As ever, the variety of styles made for an eclectic but fun mix of songs, with everything from the RnB stylings of Amy Winehouse’s songs, to the pop ballads of Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra swing, and of course a couple of cheesy ABBA classics.

Another special moment was having performances of songs written by some of our Sixth Form – yet another talent on show from Kingswood’s musicians.

Every singer gave their all on stage and the reaction from the massed crowd this year was just phenomenal.

It is always impossible to pick highlights when the level of talent is so high across all the year groups represented, and every singer should be immensely proud of their performance and the confidence they showed on such a big stage.

KJO returned to the stage for two further sets and even managed to top their opening stint, with thrilling playing and great choices of songs, getting the crowd singing and dancing along.

By the time the final number came – a fitting up-tempo version of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” – the whole station roared with shouts, cheers and applause.

The atmosphere of the whole evening was energetic, fun and supportive, and Kingswood really did themselves proud.

Congratulations and huge thanks must go to every single instrumentalist and singer – the show was a true team effort and instrumentalists and singers alike gave their all in order to give the crowd a good time.

As ever, Mr Knights led KJO with style and he must be thanked enormously for his incredible hard work in the lead up and organisation of the event.

Thank you also to Mrs Francis, Miss Huckle, Mr Chua, Ms Whyte, Mr Davies and Mr Francis for their brilliant logistical help on the day.

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Kingswood’s Musicians And Singers Get Bath Festival Underway!