Pupils Enjoy Pre-Christmas German Exchange Trip

Pupils Enjoy Pre-Christmas German Exchange Trip
Senior Trips and Visits

Over the beginning of the Christmas Holidays, Mr Walker and Miss Witting accompanied 10 Kingswood German pupils to Muenster for the yearly exchange.

After a long day of travelling, the group arrived in Muenster in the evening to be welcomed by their German hosts.

The first full day was spent in school enjoying a variety of lessons which start at 7.50am but finish at 2.00pm some days.

The weekend was spent with host families and this is the time that pupils got to experience the real culture of the country and practise their language in authentic circumstances.

On the Monday, the pupils visited a mining museum in Essen which is a large, impressive complex which has recently been named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The entire complex has either been perfectly preserved as it was when in full use or thoughtfully adapted for modern day use, including being used for music concerts, museums and parkland.

Following this, the group spent a few hours in the Essen city Christmas Market.

The Tuesday was spent walking around the outer strasse of Muenster as well as enjoying the city’s wonderful Christmas Market.

Their final full day saw them visit the Science Museum in Bremen which proved very popular with the pupils who enjoyed activities such as cycling against winds of up to 80mph and volunteering to take part in a science show.

The group then spent some time in the historic city centre which was very pretty and had another wonderful Christmas Market.

The pupils were praised for their punctuality, behaviour and excellent company throughout the trip.

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Pupils Enjoy Pre-Christmas German Exchange Trip