Planet Dome workshop with Year 4

Planet Dome workshop with Year 4
Science Prep

Planet Dome Workshop

Pupils from Year 4 explored the wonder of space, the behaviours of planet earth and the evolution of stars. Through immersive sounds, smells and visuals we travelled back in time to understand the cycle of an ice age and how the ancient supercontinent, Gondwana came to be. 🌍❄️

Then, we zoomed to the future with big questions 'Can we solve climate change if we hold our breath for long enough?' and 'Are there really ice volcanos on Saturn's moon?'. 🌋🌗


Finally, returning to earth we looked up at a dome of constellations to find Orion's Belt and beneath it... 'Orion's Nebula', an enormous dust cloud that can create new stars, planets and even entire solar systems. ✨🪐

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Planet Dome workshop with Year 4