Prep School Spotlight

Prep School Spotlight

We would like to shine a light on all the wonderful and exciting things that have happened down at the Prep School so far this term…


  • Three guide dog puppies were excitedly welcomed to The Garden alongside their trainers for a 'Meet and Greet with our Pre-School pupils. The children loved seeing the dogs and cannot wait to welcome them back and see how they develop over the coming year. The Garden is raising money for the Guide Dog Association this year, and hoping to hit a target of £5000 which would mean they could name a puppy! 


  • We have found French lessons to be very popular in Reception this half of term. Pourquoi? Pupils have massively enjoyed dressing up and practicing their vocabulary in Mrs Robinson's French Café! 


  • Ringo, a hedgehog and Hedgehog Rescue visited our Year 1 pupils on Summerhill Lawn for a workshop. Year 1 learnt about lots of interesting hedgehog facts and how we can protect them from the risk of extinction. Year 1 also participated in an 'Autumn Adventure', leading our pupils on a sensory journey through Westonbirt Arboretum, learning about woodland habitats and tree identification. 



  • Year 4 pupils experienced an interactive science show, where they explored the wonder of space, the behaviours of planet Earth and the evolution of stars. Through immersive sounds, smells and visuals they travelled back in time to understand the cycle of an ice age and how the ancient supercontinent, Gondwana came to be! 



  • Do you know how someone in Ancient Rome would have lived? Our Year 5 pupils know! After a recent trip to the Roman Baths, Year 5 had the opportunity to fully understand life as a Roman citizen. Our pupils were able to dress up in Roman attire, create Roman mosaics and handle Ancient artefacts! 




  • Over the past few weeks, our Year 6 pupils have been studying Oceania. They have also been looking into aspects of the continent in Art by planning and sculpting their own Tiki masks from clay. Year 6 pupils have stepped up to the challenge of increased demands and have shown independence and a fantastic attitude. We are looking forward to seeing their project develop next term. 


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