Shoutout Saturdays: Aila-mae

Shoutout Saturdays: Aila-mae
Prep Co-Curricular

Hello Aila-Mae, Thank you for taking your time to chat with us. Please could we ask you a few questions?  

Please do!  

How many people were in your team?  

There were 4 of us in the team, Isabelle, Josephine, Aliche and me. 

What product did you come up with? How did you think of this idea?  

I came up with the idea of the scented candle in our Wellbeing class, during the ‘Box challenge’.  

What’s that?  

It started with Mr Hill giving us empty boxes. We then had to make up an imaginary item that could be inside the box, we then had to try and persuade everyone in the class to buy your item. I really enjoyed trying to persuade the class to buy my item, which was a scented candle.  

Tell me about your product?  

The candle I have invented is made in a light blue ceramic, with oak leaves ingrained on the sides and it also has a golden lid. It will have the scent engraved on the side, ‘Pumpkin spice and beetroot’. The candle is quite heavy, you won’t be able to take it everywhere. It is meant to sit on the table.  

Where will you sell it?  

I would like to sell the candle to people who feel stressed because it helps you to feel calm. The candle smells like autumn, so I would like to sell it at that time of the year. I would like to sell the candle in Anthropologie! 

What skills do you think are needed to be a young entrepreneur?  

  • Leadership 
  • Confident in your ideas and the product 
  • Good at persuading and selling 
  • Knowing when to be serious but still have fun   

Did you enjoy this project at school?  

I LOVED it! I would now like to consider myself a ‘successful business woman’ *giggles*. This project was very practical. I really, really, really enjoy using my hands and being creative, it was really fun!   

What’s next for you?  

During this term we are actually going to make something and sell it, I think its going to be cereal.  

Can you give us a sneak peak of what you might be creating and selling?  

I am thinking a cross between Shreddies and Cheerios – Shreddios!  

Thank you so much for your time Aila-Mae, it has been great hearing about your business ventures and we look forward to seeing you grow at Kingswood and where your entrepreneurial skills take you in the future.   

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Shoutout Saturdays: Aila-mae