Welcome to Kingswood

Kingswood is a place where academic excellence is just one important part of our commitment to offer a broad and balanced education to every pupil. We are an inclusive and welcoming school with a diverse community and look forward to sharing more about the Kingswood experience with you. 

Firmly based on the Christian principles of our founder, John Wesley, we are called to develop confident, compassionate, enthusiastic young people who enjoy working with others and are pre-eminently prepared to lead meaningful lives. We offer a staggering range of co-curricular opportunities, celebrating both cultural and sporting achievement, and welcome students from over 20 countries who join our British boarding and day pupils to experience the best of a British education.

There is much which makes Kingswood distinctive, yet it is perhaps the constructive, open and trusting relationships between our community which are most commented upon, forged by talented teachers who are dedicated to guiding each pupil on this leg of their journey. We also aspire to be an organisation that learns, in self-critical pursuit of our goal to achieve excellence in all areas of school life. I hope that my words help give you a sense of our school, our vision and values. Please follow our story online. Most of all, please come and visit us where you will be warmly welcomed.

Kingswood has recently received a Double Excellent in our latest ISI Inspection, with the Inspectors noting that ‘almost all pupils achieve significantly higher examination grades than expected at both GCSE and A Level’, almost always making ‘rapid progress across all subjects’. In addition, they saw that pupils display ‘self-confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem, self-knowledge and resilience’. They were particularly impressed with their ‘mature and strong awareness of what is right and wrong’ as well as their ‘excellent appreciation of non-material aspects of life’. This is even more humbling, as the community in Kingswood School continually recognises the need to help others, in line with the Founder, John Wesley’s vision of ‘doing all that you can, as long as you ever can’.  You can read more about the findings here.

Andrew Gordon-Brown 
Headmaster of Kingswood Senior School 

An Education for Life 

At Kingswood we believe very strongly that studying a liberal arts curriculum is still the best way to prepare young people for the modern world. We pride ourselves on our strong examination performance across the school. In 2022 our students celebrated excellent results, with 76% GCSEs at grades 9-7, 97% of A levels at A*- C and 90% of Year 13 students securing an offer to their first-choice university.

These outstanding results are of course important, and the currency that will facilitate their journeys onward. And yet, we believe that success in life is measure not just in terms of academic achievement but in terms of human flourishing and we are concerned with where our young people will be at 25, not just at 18. We seek to equip them with the skills and qualities to lead meaningful lives, via lifelong learning skills, or the 4Cs: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.