About The Old Kingswoodian Association
About The Old Kingswoodian Association
About The Old Kingswoodian Association

About The Old Kingswoodian Association

What We Do

The Old Kingswoodian Association is a vibrant community of over 5,000 former pupils of Kingswood School. It aims to provide opportunities for Old Kingswoodians to keep in touch with each other and Kingswood School, to support current pupils where possible and to further their interests.

A comprehensive and growing programme of social, sports and arts events, reunions for specific years and geographical groups are organised annually, at the School and around the world.

Through its members, the Association assists fellow Old Kingswoodians and those still at Kingswood with career information, mentoring, talks and a strong network of overseas Old Kingswoodian Reps provide a Kingswood contact for Old Kingswoodians living or travelling around the world.

The Old Kingswoodian Association also helps give back to Kingswood School. From time to time, when a project is identified that would be of benefit to the School but is outside of the schools budget. Recent donations have included rolling racking for the Kingswood Archives.

Keeping former students connected to Kingswood and each other is very important to us. If you would like to re-connect with us, participate in an event or just to say hello, please contact us.

Keeping in Touch

Keeping in contact with Old Kingswoodians is our highest priority, as we would like to keep you in the Kingswood community. This will involve you in events, watching sporting events and perhaps giving a talk to current students. If you would like to stay in contact with us please click the buttons below or if you would like to pop in to say hello and see the School please contact the Association Office via the button below or ring 01225 734283.

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Our LinkedIn page is a way for you to stay in contact with the School, network with other Old Kingswoodians and learn about the events the Old Kingswoodian Association hosts.

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Our Facebook page is a way for you to stay in contact with the School and let you know about any events that are coming up where you can meet your friends from school and learn about what the School is currently doing.

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The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, a group of volunteers meeting at least three times a year, are responsible for the development of the strategy and the day-to-day running of the Old Kingswoodian Association along with Michele Greene, Development and Alumni Officer.

Chester Lewis (KS 2010-2012) - Chairman

Gordon Opie (KS 1976-1981) President of the Association and Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Sanveer Singh (KS 2011-2013)Treasurer

Tim Lindsay (KS 1969-1974) - Representative from the Governing Body

Robin Lewis (KS Staff 1975-1992)

Kirsty Allen (KS 1979-1987)

Tash Brand (KS 2003-2010)

Euan Gordon (KS 2003-2010)

Rosie Wakefield (KS 2008-2015)

Sandy Burgon  (KS Staff 1991-2016)

Theo Gammie (KS 2011-2018)

Simon Morris - Headmaster and Principal of the Kingswood Foundation

Michele Greene - Secretary