Design and Technology

Design and Technology

The Design and Technology (DT) department's philosophy is to provide an exciting experience for all pupils. We aim to challenge pupils' creativity and problem solving skills through a wide variety of projects that encourage independent and practical thinking and that use a range of different materials.

DT is a dynamic subject that is keeping pace with the ever-changing technology used in industry. It prepares pupils for a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, architecture, product design and creative arts.

DT at Kingswood focuses on these core elements of creativity and critical analysis within each project. The department is housed in a bright, well-resourced teaching block with two fully equipped workshops and a design studio with IT facilities.

The variety of students’ projects as they enter the examinations demonstrates a key part of what makes the department such a vibrant place to be. We hold an annual exhibition that aims to showcase each students’ individuality and the choices they made to ensure that their design was bespoke.

Kingswood offers many related extra-curricular activities, including jewellery making, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Eco-schools and opportunities to design and create individual projects in open workshop sessions. Many Kingswood pupils have applied for and received the prestigious Arkwright Scholarship, which is awarded to students aiming to study engineering.

Key Stage 3

At each level in the first three years, the emphasis is on enjoyment and learning, through experiencing, a wide range of practical skills and techniques related to design and the manufactured world that is all around us. All the projects that are undertaken will consist of key elements taught at exam level.


This course is designed to encourage pupils to develop an awareness of the nature and importance of Design and Technology in a rapidly changing society. Pupils learn to combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, function and industrial practices, all of which are essential in the technological field. At GCSE level, pupils follow the Edexcel specification. The subject focuses on resistant materials, with a wood specialism.


Design and Technology is a subject suited to students who are dynamic, questioning and keen to fundamentally improve the world we live in. The challenge to be original and to solve problem, as well as to be a practical maker, is fundamental to design. The ability to look at the world and products, to evaluate them through design and manufacture, and to improve them through sketching and making to produce high-quality product design are the skills of a good designer.

This course will build up these skills and is suited to those who can meet a challenge and are driven to succeed. It will prepare students for further study in the world of design and engineering through creative output.

At A-Level, the Design and Technology course focuses on product design. Pupils follow the AQA specification.