Academic Progress

Our pupils’ academic progress is carefully monitored with annual National Standardised tests of English (PTE),  mathematics (PTM) and generalised ability tests measuring verbal and non-verbal ability (CATs) A word-reading standardised test (NGRT) is carried out termly. In addition, teachers administer short internal assessments on a half termly basis to measure attainment in English and maths. Our assessment is comprehensive without being intrusive, informs planning moving forward and enables us to ensure that we have the most comprehensive understanding of our pupils attainments and areas for future focus.

In maths, 98% of our children achieved average or above scores in the PTM, and in English 96% of our children achieved average or above scores in the PTE, comparing very favourably with 77% nationally.

We are particularly proud that from a pupil cohort enjoying a wide range of strengths KPS achieved the following academic scholarships and other awards at 11+ entry into Kingswood Senior School.


Academic: 5

Special Talent : Art 1;  Drama 2; DT 1; Sports 6


Academic: 3

Special Talent : Art 2;  Drama 1; DT 1; Music 1; Sports 1


Academic: 2

Special Talent: Art 2; Drama 1; Music 2; Sports 5