Senior School Fees

Term Fees for the Academic Year 2024/2025

Day PupilsTermly Fee
All Day Pupils£6,447
Lunch & Tea (compulsory)£365


Boarding Pupils * Termly Fee        
Weekly Boarding (Monday to Friday) 
Weekly Years 7 & 8 (11-13 years)£10,183
Weekly Years 9 to Year 13 (13-18 years)£12,614 
Full Boarding Pupils (7 nights) 
Years 7 & 8 (11-13 years)£11,656
Years 9 to Year 13 (13-18 years)£13,962

*UK citizens, and EU citizens residing permanently (more than 5 years) in the UK. 

International Boarding PupilsTermly Fee                  
International Weekly Boarding (Monday to Friday)  
International Weekly Years 7 & 8 (11-13 years)£10,420     
International Weekly Years 9 to Year 13 (13-18 years)£12,908
International Full Boarding Pupils (7 nights) 
International Boarding Years 7 & 8 (11-13 years)£11,928
International Boarding Years 9 to Year 13 (13-18 years)£14,286
EAL Years 7 & 8 (11-13 years)£12,412
EAL Years 9 to Year 13 (13-18 years)£14,772



The annual fee is payable in three equal instalments and is due by the first day of each term or by monthly instalments with the prior agreement of the Director of Finance. The School Governors review fees annually, and will minimise fee increases where possible. Parents are normally advised of fee increases prior to the beginning of the summer term.

The fees cover all the teaching that takes place in the ordinary course of education. Parents should anticipate additional charges associated with examination fees, educational trips, special education needs, and English as an Additional Language lessons, where applicable.


Registration Fee & Acceptance Deposit

A non-returnable registration fee payment of £125 is due on application for a place. An acceptance deposit is then required for all senior school pupils.

The repayment of deposits is linked to the settlement of final fee invoices upon the departure of the pupil from Kingswood Senior School.

Registration Fee£125
UK Acceptance Deposit£500
Overseas Acceptance Deposit£2,500 
Overseas Fees in Advance£13,619

Casual/Flexi Boarding

Flexi boarding for day pupils, is available on request at a charge of £70 per night or £87 at weekends. Requests for bookings of up to three nights per week should be made for the full year via this application form and will be confirmed based on availability. Bookings for four nights will be considered weekly boarding. Casual boarding bookings can be made with each Houseparent and is dependent on availability.  

Supper & Prep

For pupils wishing to stay regularly for Supper and Prep this is charged per term at £163 for 1 night per week, £325 for 2 nights per week, £463 for 3 nights per week, £572 for 4 nights per week and £679 for 5 nights per week.  

In addition, for day pupils only, there is a charge for occasional Breakfast, Supper and Prep:

  • Occasional breakfast: £3.35 (per morning)
  • Occasional supper: £5.50 (per evening)
  • Occasional prep: £10 (per evening)
  • Occasional supper & prep: £15.50 (per evening)

Additional Charges

  • Chapel Fund: £4.60 (per term)
  • Sixth Form Subscription: £14.00 (per year)
  • Boarding House Fund: £12.00 (per term)
  • Day House Fund: £6.50 (per term)
  • United Kingdom Visa & Immigration Administrative Charge: £100 (per year)
  • A Level and GCSE Examination charges: approx. £60 per subject 

English as an Additional Language

Tuition for English as an Additional Language (EAL) may be provided if required and charges will be included within the related fees.

Extra Tuition

One on one tuition for Special Educational Needs may be provided if required, and will generally be charged at a rate of £29.50 for a 40 minute lesson. 

Music Lessons

We offer music tuition in a wide range of instruments. Music lessons can be arranged by contacting our Head of Music and your billing arrangement will be directly with the peripatetic teacher.

HM Forces Discount

Kingswood Senior School offers a 10% HM Forces discount off the basic boarding fees for Years 7 and 8 for the children of serving members of the HM Forces. From Year 9 onwards the discount rises to 20% off the basic boarding fees.

Sibling Discount

Sibling discounts are available for boarding pupils only at a rate of 10% for second and subsequent children.

Notice of Withdrawal

In accordance with the School’s terms and conditions, a full term’s notice must be given in writing if you wish to withdraw your child from the School, or if you wish to change your child’s status at the School from one type of boarding to another (day, weekly or full boarding). Failing such notice, a full term’s fees will be charged.

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