10 For 1 Bursary Fund

10 For 1 Bursary Fund

We are very mindful that Kingswood was originally founded to offer an education to young people who would not normally be able to afford such a rich and varied educational experience. All donations to the Bursary Fund, both large and small, can be used to make a difference and help ensure that many more children have access to this education.

Kingswood School launched the Ten for One Bursary Fund in 2017.  It is designed to enable gifted young people who are particularly suited to the type of education Kingswood offers to attend the School in a situation where their parents would not be in a financial position to pay the fees.

The Fund is very simple. 10 people pledge £100 per month each for seven years, thereby funding one day pupil at Kingswood for seven years from Year 7 to 13.  The fund is specifically aimed at parents who will require a full (100%) bursary for their son/daughter to benefit from a Kingswood education.

Thanks to the generosity of 10 Old Kingswoodians, Parents, Governors and the widow of an Old Kingswoodian, the first recipient of a 10 for 1 bursary started at Kingswood School in September in 2018.

Eight of the ten people required to fund the second 10 for 1 Bursary have already very kindly pledged their support, leaving a further two required to fund the second 10 for 1 Bursary for a deserving pupil starting in Year 7 in September 2020.

The class of 1994, 10 for 1 Bursary

Having reached my forties and, like a lot of us found myself with children of my own, I found it has changed my perspective on life.

Looking back at my years at Kingswood I can see more clearly now the quality of education, the opportunities it afforded and the benefits of living in such a friendly, nurturing environment.

Almost without exception my memories are positive as I recall the friends made, experiences shared (all within the school rules of course!) and the time teachers took to ensure the best results possible for each of us.

I was only able to go to Kingswood because my father was a member of staff and received a significant reduction in fees.  Many other people also received assistance be it as a scholarship or bursary or in the form of reduced rates for those whose parents were in the forces or clergy. 

I don’t ever recall “who paid what” being a topic of conversation, much less a source of teasing or bullying which is testament to the values instilled in us by our time at the school.

It is for these reasons that I decided to support the 10 for 1 scheme as part of the Kingswood 275 Campaign.  The opportunity to enable a child to benefit from the education and experiences I did seemed like a good chance to give something back.  By coming together with others with a regular donation we are able to fund a child through the whole of Kingswood.

We are aiming to provide one 100% bursary for a child funded by the leavers of 1994 and have had a very positive response so far.  We hope to be the first year group to fund the bursary and to encourage other year groups to do the same.  

Simon Allison
Class of 1994







Please do get in touch with Graham Papenfus, Director of Development and Fundraising, if you are interested in finding out more about supporting this Fund.