Cookery School

We are currently in the process of preparing for the launch of Kingswood Cookery, bringing the prestigious Leiths Professional Cookery Qualification to Bath for the first time. Adding to our already impressive co-curricular programme, Kingswood Cookery will offer: 

  • Enrichment courses for Years 7-11, with classes such as “Field to Fork” and “Plant Based Plates”.
  • Additional PHSCHE classes for Sixth Form students, preparing them for cooking at university and beyond.
  • Leiths Academy Level 3 in Professional Cookery for the Kingswood Sixth Form. Considered as the “gold standard” in professional cookery for this age group, and a launch pad to further career opportunities.

Speaking about the launch of Kingswood Cookery, Mr Gordon-Brown said “We recognise that giving students an understanding of nutrition, and the skills to create balanced, tasty, and cost-efficient meals is a critical part in preparing them for life after school. The skills they will learn are not just to feed family and friends, or to start them on the road to successful careers in a professional kitchen; graduates of Leiths might look to careers in FMCG product development, cookery writing or styling, retail strategy, sustainable innovation and beyond, while the practice of independent and team work, decision making, time management are skills transferrable to a host of other career paths and further education. Our state-of-the-art cookery school will also be open for courses for adult, children, and families, running alongside the school curriculum, in school holidays and weekends."