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Dixon Centre

At the heart of the School's campus, the Dixon Centre is the focal point for Sixth Form life at Kingswood. Every sixth former is allocated a study in the building, which they normally share with other students. This provides them with a base during the school day, an area which they can make their own and where they can work and socialise with friends. A large Common Room and three kitchens sit alongside these studies, providing further opportunities for students to meet and make themselves coffee and toast. Wi-Fi access is available throughout the building, and a dedicated IT room also helps to ensure easy access to computing facilities. Sixth formers work with staff in making decisions about how the Dixon should operate on a day-to-day basis. In giving students greater freedom and responsibility to manage their own learning within the framework of a school environment, our Sixth Form Centre provides an excellent bridge between school and university.

In addition, the students, in conjunction with the Assistant Head of Sixth Form, organise a programme of social events. This commences with a Ceilidh to help everyone get to know each other in the Autumn term and includes formal dinners and, of course, the Leavers' Ball. In addition, each of the Houses runs a series of social events every term.