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Higher Education

The vast majority of our sixth formers go on to university, either directly after school or after a Gap year. The Head of Sixth Form takes responsibility for applications to higher education, working closely with the Head of Careers. All students receive individual attention from the Head of Sixth Form and advice from tutors and teachers to support them in making well-informed choices about their post A Level options. Parents are encouraged to participate as much as possible.

In the Lower Sixth, students complete the Centigrade Higher Education Questionnaire, which helps them to make decisions about the subject areas they might consider studying at university. As part of this process, each pupil receives a personalised report, giving a wealth of advice about how to investigate further the higher education opportunities available to them.

Students are encouraged to go on Open Days and participate in taster courses to assist them in making decisions about their future, and a comprehensive programme of outside speakers, talks and presentations ensures that both parents and students are fully prepared for all that is involved in higher education and the UCAS process.

In the Upper Sixth all students receive individual support in making their online UCAS applications from tutors and the Head of Sixth Form, including guidance on the writing of the all-important Personal Statement. Interview practice is available to all, including those with particular needs, such as those seeking a place at Medical School or applying to Oxbridge. As a result of this support the overwhelming majority of our students achieve a place at the university of their first choice.

The Head of Sixth Form is available throughout the year to discuss any matter relating to higher education with students and parents, and is available when the A Level results are received to deal with any problems. Students who have left Kingswood and wish to apply post A level are welcome to contact the Head of Sixth Form, who will offer the same level of support as is available to current students at the School.

You can view a list of where our students went to university.