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General Studies

By the time that they reach the Sixth Form, students will have covered many important issues in PSHCE lessons. They continue to imbibe the ethos of the school, often through assemblies, services, lessons and tutorials, and pupils joining Kingswood in the Sixth Form quickly appreciate the School's values and codes of conduct.

Our programme of General Studies provides students with an opportunity to engage with a variety of topics beyond their A Level courses. The aim of the programme is to broaden the students' understanding of, and stimulate interest in, a range of social, cultural, political and world affairs. In addition, issues associated with Higher Education and future career opportunities are also addressed.

General Studies sessions take place every week for one hour and feature a variety of outside speakers. Students attend presentations on PSHCE topics, such as the responsible use of alcohol, drug awareness, and personal and sexual health. Last year's programme also featured a range of presentations from speakers from the arts, sport, politics, outdoor pursuits and the voluntary sector, and each session includes time for students to participate in discussions on the issues raised.

You can view the General Studies programme.