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Science In Years 7 and 8

A balanced science education, based on all three disciplines, enables pupils to understand and contribute to a global society where the application of scientific concepts continues to be essential for the future of humankind.

At Kingswood, the science department uses a well-resourced Year 7 and Year 8 course to capture the pupils' interest and involve them in practical investigations that generate questions and are embedded in the principles of investigative science. Pupils can extend themselves further by taking part in weekly Science Club activities and by registering for and working towards Crest awards. Pupils undertake their own investigations; these have included finding the most effective biofuel, designing wind turbines, and assembling a model 'lunar rover' to move over multi-terrains. There are also aquarium toads (Xenopus laevis) and invertebrate colonies to look after. We run a field trips to Bristol Zoo, a Water Resource day trip to a stream, and another to a sewage works. These help pupils to see how they fit into the natural world and the impact they have on the planet. Year 8 pupils help to run sessions demonstrating how science works in everyday life; for example, how to assemble the molecular structure of chocolate!

There are good links with our feeder schools and our pond is a useful resource to introduce younger pupils to the school. Older students continue to develop and extend their science education by attending the Sixth Form Science Society lectures arranged on a termly basis. Recent topics by visiting lecturers have included: Fantastic Plastic; Biochemical Messengers; Ethical use of Animals in Neuroscience Research. Pupils begin their IGCSE science courses in Year 9, following the IGCSE EDEXCEL separate science specification in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Our excellent science results, and the number of students progressing on to A Level science and beyond, demonstrate that we provide our pupils with the necessary scientific skills for them to relate to, understand, explain, and question the world in which they live.

You can view the details of our A Level Biology course, A Level Chemistry course and A Level Physics course in the Sixth Form Academic Programme 2018-2020.