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PSHCE at Kingswood seeks not only to support the Christian ethos, which lies at the heart of our school, but also to meet the ever- changing needs of our pupils.

The rapid development of technology and the pressures of the modern world bring with it inevitable challenges for children and young people. Kingswood's PSHCE programme aims to be a supportive and informative network within school that allows pupils, parents and teachers to access help and understanding when dealing with any issues within the broad spectrum of PSHCE.

Kingswood is fortunate in that it is has many avenues in which the PSHCE curriculum is explored. Topics are not only covered during tutor time and during assemblies, but also through the support of the Deputy Heads and the Chaplain. Working with academic departments including Science, Religious Education, Physical Education and Economics, the department ensures that pupils are exposed to an extensive curriculum. Staff at the Medical Centre are also involved in delivering and supporting the programme.

Although dedicated lessons continue throughout a pupil's time at Kingswood, there are specific events which also assist in developing knowledge and understanding.
Guest speakers, Eco-Schools, Fair Trade Status, as well as a comprehensive activities programme, help to enhance the message that Every Child Matters, (ECM) and the Social Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) initiative. Here are examples of some of our special events:

Year 7 Challenge Day:

The whole year take part in a themed, fun day at the beginning of the Autumn term, consisting of challenging team activites which enable new pupils to mix and make new friends.

Year 8 Young Entrepreneur Day:

Year 8 have an opportunity not only flex to their entrepreneurial muscles, but also to showcase useful skills such as using spreadsheets, making presentations, marketing, understanding profit and loss accounting, and team building.

Year 10:

From Year 10 through to Year 13, our pupils enjoy an extensive General Studies programme. The topics presented range from mental health to economics and finance and careers and all courses are mindful of Kingswood's aims to ensure that our pupils are successful leaners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.