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Philosophy and Ethics


 'The unexamined life is not worth living.' Socrates (469 B.C.E. - 399 B.C.E.), Classical Greek Philosopher.

Does God exist? How did the universe begin? What happens when we die? Should we always obey our conscience? Where does morality come from?

Philosophy and Ethics at Kingswood is a thriving subject which seeks to explore and challenge the farthest limits of human knowledge about the world and universe we inhabit. The course engages students in a detailed examination of philosophical history, critical thinking, and the raising of vitally important life questions.

Philosophy and Ethics is taught by the Religious Education department. In Year 12 a variety of topics are explored, some of which include:

  • The Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle: What is reality? What does it mean to exist?
  • Religion and Science: How did the universe begin? Has Darwin killed God?
  • Utilitarianism: Do we have a responsibility towards others? Is there a 'greater' good?
  • Kantian Ethics: Are we duty-bound to do good? Where does morality originate?

On average, over 80% of our A Level students continue to study Philosophy and Ethics into Year 13, where they engage with topics including:

  • Miracles: What is a 'miracle'? What implications do miracles have for justice?
  • Religious Language: Is God-talk meaningful? Is human language too limiting?
  • Free-will and Determinism: What influences our moral choices? Are we predestined?
  • Conscience: Should you always obey your conscience? Is conscience God-given?

Our Philosophy and Ethics teachers are deeply committed to ensuring that students are encouraged to think in an open-minded, considered and empathetic manner at all times. Complementing both humanities and science-based disciplines, the versatility offered by Philosophy and Ethics provides exciting opportunities for students keen to pursue future courses and careers relating to Business Studies, Art and Design, Classical Studies, Law, Medical Ethics, Philosophy, Politics, and Education.

It is the department's aim that, firstly, studying Philosophy and Ethics will imbue students with an intellectual curiosity and intrigue that will serve them well as they approach higher education. Secondly, that it will help them realise- in the words of Socrates' eminent student Plato, that, 'wonder is the feeling of the philosopher, and philosophy begins in wonder.'


Please click here to view details of our A Level Philosophy and Ethics course in the Kingswood A Level curriculum booklet.