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Physical Education

Physical Education develops the students' awareness of living mentally, physically and socially healthy lifestyles. Using many practical resources to reinforce the theoretical material, students will become role models in training regimes and healthy eating, participating in sport, both in and out of School, to the highest levels.

The subject is a popular and successful GCSE course, run at the School with examination results consistently, above the National average. All the Physical Education staff help with teaching the courses and all have expertise in a variety of areas to enable the students to achieve their outstanding results.

The A level course gives our students a chance to develop their officiating and coaching skills, whilst also demonstrating their practical ability in both practice and match situations. The theoretical side includes exercise physiology, skill acquisition and historical aspects which have influenced the variety of sports we play today.

Successful students at both levels are the ones with a genuine passion for sport, and who keep informed about current affairs and news relating to the subject. Guest speakers are often invited to give their insights into the various areas of the course and students are frequently involved with clubs and sport outside School.

Successful students go on to study a wide range of Further Education. Dentistry, physiotherapy, medicine and psychology are just a few of the areas that have been studied at University, as well as sport-based courses.

The examination courses are varied in the skill sets required to be successful. Qualitative and quantitative data must be analysed, and examination answers require both concise and essay-style responses. High-level performers will do well on the practical side, but the student who works hard and is genuinely interested in the subject has proven equally, if not more, successful.

You can view the details of our A Level course in the Sixth Form Academic Programme 2018-2020.

Please click here to view details of our GCSE course in the Kingswood GCSE courses 2016-2017 curriculum booklet.