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Kingswood's Time At Uppingham

Uppingham Tongue Walsh Clulow

L to R: AF Tongue (KS 1950-58), JR Walsh (KS 1937-46), PJ Clulow (KS 1947-56 )

The film Fortunate Exile, a record of Kingswood's time at Uppingham during the second world war, has been given a new lease of life. This silent film, shot by Alan Jones (Kingswood School 1928-36) and Derek Stewart over a period of two days in March 1946, has been given a soundtrack. Alan Tongue (Kingswood School 1950-58), now a conductor but formerly a television producer, tracked down the prefect in the film, John Walsh (Kingswood School 1937-46), whose typical day is captured on film. He recorded a commentary sixty-nine years after the film was shot. Technical work was by Alan's colleague Peter Clulow (Kingswood School 1947-56).