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Great Praise For Junior Production Of ‘Cautionary Tales’

Last week over 90 pupils in Years 7-9 participated in the junior production 'Cautionary Tales'. Watched by packed and appreciative audiences, these students performed the tales of Hilaire Belloc and Henrich Hoffman with great gusto and appropriate amounts of grisly relish. With so many pupils involved it would be impossible to name everyone but suffice to say that each and every one performed superbly – a true ensemble cast where everyone played an essential part in bringing this exciting production to life.

Everyone who watched will have had their favourite moments – whether it was watching Henry King die an agonising death from chewing bits of string, Jim who got eaten by a lion or Harriet and Matilda who both burnt to death. Of course, the underlying message was that nobody is perfect – not even the staff who eventually admitted to their own transgressions – parking on double yellows, driving their 4 x 4 in a cycle lane or being vain!

Mrs Nash would like to thank Mrs Ward, Miss Flanagan, Mrs Marshall and Mr Knights for all their help behind the scenes and everyone who came to support the show. A very special thanks must go to Mr Francis for the wonderful set and his theatre crew for all their technical expertise. Finally, a big thank you to all the pupils involved for their hard work and for preserving even when it seemed like the impossible would never happen. This was another Kingswood show to be proud of – well done everyone!

Described by Mel Lawman as an 'innovative piece of children's theatre'.  Read the full review of this fantastic production!

Mel Lawman is a writer, lyricist, teacher and director. She has written original dramas for BBC Television and Radio, both mainstream and schools productions, and has been a script-writer and story-liner for ongoing television and radio dramas. She took her first musical, FRECKLES, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year, receiving a 5-Star review from the British Theatre Guide. When not writing and directing, Mel teaches Drama to children and youths from Bath and the surrounding areas.