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Pupils Launch Short Story Anthology ‘This Is the Golden City’

Tuesday 27th June saw the official launch of this year's short story anthology, 'This Is the Golden City', at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath city centre. The brief had been for students to write a story that had Bath as the central setting; this was to mark two hundred years since the death of Jane Austen, in addition to the publication of Persuasion and Northanger Abbey, the two novels which feature Bath most prominently. This brief inspired students to write in a range of genres, encompassing horror, romance, crime, thriller, and war, and spanning the past, present, and future of the city.

In order to celebrate the publication of the anthology, writers and artists, along with their families and friends, were invited to attend an evening of readings, music, and the tea room's finest scones. Those who read captured their stories with conviction, engaging their audiences effectively. They captured both the light and shade that exists within a particular place, in addition to the variety of experiences that a city can provide.

Many thanks to all of the students who read, our musicians, all those who came to support, and to Miss Chapman, Mr Campbell, Miss Jones and Mrs Dawson for all of their help on the night. A huge thanks to Miss Chapman and Miss Moore for all of their work throughout the drafting process too.