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Year 9 Expedition Club Explore Dartmoor Waterfall, Tor and Stone Circles

This weekend, 11 members of the Year 9 Expedition Club and three members of staff set off to Dartmoor. The group's aim was to prepare, pack and carry everything they needed for a night wild camping on the moor and a hike the following day. The group navigated successfully from their starting point at Postbridge to a suitable area to set up tents and cook before night fell.

At a meeting point between several small streams, and with local livestock grazing nearby, the spot was picturesque., Tthe group enjoyed some traditional boil in the bag camping food, as well as a chocolate fondue provided by one of the girls in the group. On Sunday with tents finally packed away, the group completed a circular route, navigating to visit features such as a waterfall, a Tinner's hut, the top of Sittaford Tor and two ancient standing stone circles. With some of the group stepping out of their comfort zone, spirits remained high. All pupils returned safe and sound having enjoyed their experience, and next term Year 8 will have the chance to plan and undertake their expedition.