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If you have distant memories of music lessons in which you drew pictures of elephants and kangaroos whilst listening to Carnival of the Animals....please think again!

We can offer you the opportunity to compose and record a scene from your own opera. Maybe you would prefer learning to play and sing the Blues? Or use African rhythms and Chinese scales to create your own film score, recording it with your friends in the studio? Or how about learning to dance and play Salsa?

Within the Music curriculum, we offer a broad range of activities that enables all students to develop fully their musical potential and interests. We also believe passionately that, in Music lessons, students will develop wider life skills such as self-confidence, thinking on-the-go, discipline, imagination, and an ability to cope with deadlines and manage their own fears and nerves.

Music is popular at GCSE and A level and students regularly go on to courses at leading universities and conservatoires, often following this with top careers in the Music industry. But wherever students end up - in a music career or not - we endeavour to give them all a positive musical experience at Kingswood.

You can view details of our A level course in the Sixth Form Academic Programme 2018-2020.

Please click here to view details of our GCSE course in the Kingswood GCSE courses 2016-2017 curriculum booklet.