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Kingswood's EAL department supports students who are learning English as a second or additional language. Staff within the department have a wealth of experience working with students in the UK and overseas, and are sensitive to cultural differences and each student's own preferred personal learning styles.

The EAL department's main aim is to help students access the curriculum by developing their confidence in using English within their mainstream classes. EAL class sizes are very small and offer the perfect environment for learning English. We use a number of techniques to support each student's English language learning, including grammar activities, subject-specific vocabulary lessons, and academic and general English writing tuition. Lessons are delivered in an enjoyable, stimulating and challenging way through individual, group and pair-work. Independent learning is also encouraged; our students have access to a wide range of computer programs which help them to improve their general English, as well as increase their knowledge of subject-specific vocabulary needed to be successful in mainstream classes. EAL teachers liaise very closely with subject teachers to identify the key areas of language which need to be focused on during EAL lessons. Mainstream teachers are made aware of the areas of language difficulties that specific language groups encounter and, in turn, they also help their pupils to develop strategies to counter these challenges.

You can view the details of our A Level course in the Sixth Form Academic Programme 2018-2020.

You can view details of our GCSE course in the Kingswood GCSE courses 2016-2017 curriculum booklet.