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Critical Thinking


"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." Aristotle

Critical Thinking is a subject that offers its students an opportunity to foster clarity of thought and an ability to reason to a high level. It does this through the careful examination and scrutiny of arguments, written and verbal, where systematic problem solving skills, intuitive insight and logical thinking is continually tested and refined.

Critical Thinking is offered as an Advanced Subsidiary course at Kingswood and seeks to nurture an ability to:

• critically evaluate and analyse arguments;

• critically evaluate and analyse evidence;

• use critical terminology accurately;

• construct well-reasoned and persuasive lines of argument.

Critical Thinking is a demanding subject which is entirely skills based. The normal expectation of students wishing to take Critical Thinking is that they will have obtained at least a grade A in every GCSE subject, and usually 5+ A* grades. It is not to be regarded as one of the four AS levels usually studied, but as an additional fifth AS qualification.

The skills acquired through studying Critical Thinking are transferable to a wide variety of courses, which is why Admissions tutors at universities regard this as a particularly useful AS qualification. For those students who are considering applying either to Oxbridge or Russell Group universities such as Bristol, Durham, Nottingham, Imperial or UCL, Critical Thinking is highly recommended. 

You can view details of our A Level course in the Kingswood AS Level curriculum booklet.