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English as an Additional Language

Kingswood has a very strong EAL department which is there to help students access the school curriculum by developing their confidence in using English within their mainstream classes.

EAL class sizes are small with many conducted on a one-to-one basis and others in small groups of between two and five students to help interaction and conversation skills. Our EAL teachers work closely with the academic subject teachers and form tutors to ensure that EAL students are receiving the specific language support they need. We use a number of techniques to support the student's English language learning including grammar activities, subject-specific vocabulary lessons and academic and general English writing tuition. Independent learning is also encouraged through a wide range of computer programmes which help improve general English as well as subject –specific vocabulary.

Generally upon entrance we will advise how many extra English lessons your son or daughter will need and these require an additional cost. As your child progresses and becomes more proficient in their command of English, we will review the numbers of lessons on a termly basis with the aim of reducing them as a pupil progresses.

We help our students prepare for an external examinations such as IELTS, the English proficiency test accepted by British Universities and most of our EAL students also sit FCE exams in Year 10. We aim to ensure that all our students are at least at IELTS 7.5 by the time they leave Kingswood, ready for university entrance, although this, of course, depends on the English level of the pupil when they arrive.

The EAL department is equipped with workstations, digital video players, library and specific software and the pupils are encouraged to come up at any time as well as during their specific lessons. Reading and writing prep is given every week to reinforce learning. Written prep aims to prepare the pupils to be able to write for a range of purposes including writing to describe, persuade and argue as well as more technical forms of writing such as explaining a process.