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Hall House


If you would like to see what has been happening in Hall House recently please visit our Hall House blog.

Hall House was originally situated in the main school building but moved into a brand new purpose built boarding house in 2014 situated on the west side of the school campus. Facilities are excellent. There are 96 boys in the House, 43 boarders and 53 day boys in Years 9-13. Hall House aims to be a place where students can grow, have a sense of responsibility for themselves and others, learn to co-operate with and support each other and work as members of a team. The boys are encouraged to work hard, achieve their best in a secure, well-ordered home from home and good manners, good humour and common decency are expected at all times.

The Senior Housemaster is Mr Darrell Harding, who also teaches Drama and lives in an attached house with his wife Naomi and their three daughters. He is supported by Simon Forrester as the Resident Assistant, who is also Head of English as an Additional Language, as well as nine tutors and three excellent matrons who take care of cleaning, laundry and other domestic responsibilities. The tutors are responsible for the boys academic progress, co-curricular involvement and pastoral welfare and are the first point of contact regarding academic matters for parents. There are organised group tutorials every week and tutors also liaise regularly with their tutees on a one-to-one basis and evening prep is supervised by a member of staff.

In addition, the Upper Sixth boys act as Prefects, including a Head of House and Head of Boarding, who assist the House staff. All House prefects are expected to set a good example in terms of conduct and dress, lead others and contribute to the general well-being of the House. The Prefects help with duties, attend meetings, assist with planning events, supervise prep and every Prefect is assigned a particular year group responsibility, sitting with the younger boys in assembly and registration and enabling good working relations. Hall House has excellent, modern facilities in terms of common rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms - some of which are en suite, games rooms, kitchen and locker areas. In the common room there is a Plasma Sky television, a DVD player, stereo system, pool table, two computers with skype facilities and a well-equipped kitchen. Snacks are available in the House throughout the week. You can view or download a copy of the weekday and weekend Hall House Daily Routine.

A number of House social events take place during the course of the year, including cinema and theatre trips and termly parties. Every term sees a number of inter-house competitions involving all year groups. Hall House is also twinned with Fonthill, one of the girls' boarding houses. Joint House Events are held at the end of each term – Ice Skating and a meal in the autumn, Dodgeball in the spring and a BBQ and outdoor games in the summer term. You can view the Hall House Events. Find out more in the Hall House Handbook.