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Boarding At Kingswood

The overall quality of boarding provision and care is Excellent.’

‘A strong sense of community exists among the pupils and boarders feel an essential part of the school.’   Inspection Report 2015

Boarding is a key feature of life at Kingswood. Boarding offers our pupils the chance to flourish, to develop and grow as individuals, to become more independent and to learn to live in a community.

Kingswood has been a boarding school for a long time and our staff are extremely experienced in looking after pupils, many of whom are often a long way from their families, helping them have a happy and relaxed environment in which to live and work. Having caring House parents who are excellent communicators, providing comfortable and relaxed surroundings, organising a variety of social activities and ensuring there is plenty of good food, are fundamental elements of a good boarding school. However Kingswood goes above and beyond this with outstanding pastoral care and boarding provision, both rated ‘excellent’ in our recent school inspection. Every student is enabled to develop confidence and self-esteem, and all our students are encouraged to treat their fellow pupils and staff with courtesy and respect and to enjoy their time at Kingswood School.

Communication is vital in this process. There is both day-to-day formal and informal communication between pupils and staff and all our students have a range of people they can approach, who care for them and listen to what they have to say. Two-way communication is encouraged between parents and House staff and, to enable parents to see what activities their children have been taking part in during the weekend, all the House parents at Kingswood write a regular blog and take photographs which are posted on our website. We encourage active communication between students and their parents, whether by Skype, Facetime, What’s App or just through simple phone calls, so that families are regularly involved with each other’s lives. Parents are also warmly welcomed to visit their children and take them out whenever they are in Bath.

Although most boarders are from the UK, Kingswood also welcomes international students and currently we have pupils from 16 countries around the world coming from as far afield as Kenya, Thailand, Hong Kong and Russia. As well as our full boarders, we also offer weekly and occasional boarding, whenever space allows, for those families who live a little further away or when an emergency arises.

Day pupils are also fully integrated into the boarding houses and will often stay late to participate in the many activities on offer. Close friendships often occur between day students and boarders and we warmly welcome invitations from day students who invite the boarders out to spend time with their families at weekends.