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Value Added

Kingswood is top 5% in the UK for added value

All pupils increase their level of academic achievement as they pass through Kingswood and the amount of progress will naturally differ between individuals. Nevertheless, environment does influence achievement and the quality of teaching, availability of resources, and many other factors have a significant effect on the progress of individual pupils. All schools improve pupils in this way. However, if one school is increasing the achievement level of its pupils more than other schools are, then its pupils gain an additional advantage. It is this relative advantage that is called value added. The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) at Durham University monitors Kingswood's results annually along with many other schools in the UK.

The Department for Education Performance Tables compares all schools' results and progress. Kingswood is currently placed in the top 5% in the country for our value added at A Level. A new report in 2016 by Durham University has looked at value added in both independent and state schools. You can read more in the Durham University Academic Value Added Research.